About Murray’s Tavern

Collage of photos featuring Grandma Murray, a cocktail, and a bread bowl.
Why we’re here

Providing impeccable service & hospitality in a reimagined cocktail tavern

Meet our patron lady, the inspiration for our name, and the reason behind everything we do – grandma Murray

Travis Tober, dive bar aficionado and owner of classic Austin staples like Nickel City and Uncle Nicky’s, envisioned Murray’s Tavern as an homage to his grandmother, lovingly referred to as Grandma Murray.

As the only quarter-Irish person in an all-Polish family, Grandma Murray is remembered as the strong-willed, brave-hearted woman who caused Travis Tober quite the embarrassment when she ordered a Rob Roy (which he didn’t know how to make) as his first bar guest. The personable, intimate space of Murray’s Tavern exists to honor her memory – stop by and experience what we’ve built in her honor.

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